Don’t Pay Too Much For Piano Lessons Online

Many parents want that their children learn an instrument such as piano. But often the first teacher is taken and paid too much for the received performance. In this post, you’ll learn how much piano lessons may cost and how you have to pay never more too much for piano lessons.

If you want to sign up your kids to piano lessons or learn even piano, a good teacher is the best prerequisites for progress as quickly as possible. But as so often, there are good and bad teachers and also the costs per hour times significantly differ. Some tutor requires high two-digit prices per hour, while other teachers with 10 dollars per 30 minutes seem to be almost a bargain. But what should you orient yourself now and what is a reasonable price for piano lessons?

What distinguishes a good online piano teacher?

Two factors characterize a excellent online piano teacher courses for adults. It should be of course an excellent pianist. If the teacher effort has to play before a sonatina by Mozart, how should he help you then become a good pianist? A good clue is the training of the piano teacher. He studied at a recognized College of music; he usually has excellent technical and musical skills. The demands on these universities are enormous, and already, the entrance examination often separates the men from the wheat.

But a brilliant concert pianist should not necessarily be a good teacher. If he has no educational skills, he is not right to communicate its capabilities. A good piano teacher must place himself in the students and understand its difficulties and problems. He should also understand that not everyone has the ambition sometimes to fill concert halls and to play Beethoven’s Hammerklavier.

So, on the one hand, an excellent pianist, and on the other hand, an outstanding educator is an excellent piano teacher.

The first point of music school

There’s usually a music school in every city and large town. If you are looking for a good piano teacher, you should see you there first.

Most of the time, you can assume that there the teachers have the necessary professional qualifications. A massive advantage of music schools is Government funding. Due to this promotion, you have to pay not the full amount at the piano lessons the teacher ultimately receives. You bind yourself most of the time for a certain period at the music school and can pause just don’t for three weeks with the instruction and nothing to pay. The price/performance ratio is generally perfect, for a fair price, you can often get a great piano teacher.

What you need to look at private lessons

In addition to the teachers at the music school, there are also many private piano teachers. Here, you should be sure check, qualifies teachers. Also, you should clarify in advance how flexible is the teaching. Can you skip an hour without any problems or you have to pay them still? There are lessons in the school holidays? A private tutor can teach at home often with friends.

This is of course very convenient but not always possible and often slightly more expensive.

Good pianists are expensive

The lessons from renowned concert pianist are usually considerably more expensive than that of fresh graduates of the College of music.

Of course, it as mentioned above may be that the young piano teacher is a much better teacher than the concert pianist. Who wants to be good, should also learn from the best. You think maybe now: “I (or my child) am a beginner and have no high ambitions at the piano. For these purposes is sufficient. A better teacher” But at the beginning, a good piano teacher is a duty. If you once learned a wrong technique, you will need incredibly long, insecureness to you. Just the basics are very, very important and therefore should be set very high value only at the beginning of piano teaching on a good teacher.

Best you decency a free trial lesson before signing a teaching contract (every good piano teacher should offer this). There you can see very quickly, whether you are on the same wavelength and if the chemistry is right.

Cheap alternative: piano students

If you live in a city with a music college, you can take lessons or also with piano students. Because they have still not completed training, they are logically cheaper than state-certified music teachers. But they must not be worse as a music teacher. Play the piano you can anyway, and is still teaching himself in the rule that they can put to some better in students (older) piano teacher. Here, too, you should clarify in advance how flexible you can be your lesson. Also, it is vital to set how the teaching of the College spring break.

How much are good piano lessons worth?

I have presented different possibilities for piano lessons. But what are the costs come to me and how to avoid it, to pay too much for the lessons? Shipping for piano lessons varies not only by the qualification of teachers but also from the region. In cities like Berlin or Munich, the prices for lessons are usually higher than in small towns. At a music school, you can count on a cost of $20-$30 per 45 minutes (I’m always one to one). The price range is much higher in private tutors. The best you get the offers from several private tutors and ask friends and acquaintances in your area, what they pay for piano lessons. If you have an idea of the price levels before the trial lesson, you can negotiate maybe something with the teacher.

If you did, used friends as a target to learn piano basics to play pieces such as “For Elise” or by Yann Tiersen, no concert pianist must teach you well. A piano student or teacher at the music school is entirely sufficient for this purpose. Also, you should think about friends, what flexibility is worth you in the classroom. Irregular piano lessons or lessons with friends at home, you have to expect a price increase.

Alternative: Digital piano teacher

Today, you get more and more digital. Also, the piano teacher. Of course, you have to do here a few concessions regarding personal care, but the apps and Web sites are getting better. By far, the best tool is Flow key, which I’m excited. A flow key is excellently suited especially for beginners, to learn the first pieces.

As a complement to the traditional piano lessons it can offer is may. Learn more about this app in my Flowkey test report.

Without practice, the most expensive teacher helps nothing!

No matter how much you ultimately pay for piano lessons, if you are not practicing, you’re throwing money down the drain also. Perhaps a slightly more expensive teachers a greater motivation here. A few tips for proper practice can find you here. How you can get to practice, you read up here.