Online Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons

Learn classical piano and discover

The pleasure of interpretation with the Daimoi method

Our website offers piano lessons and an online piano method designed by a classical pianist. To learn music theory and play the piano, interactive applications complement our program. You can learn classical piano and music theory at home at your own pace. The site is available 24 hours a hour. To study the piano online, just open the piano course and let yourself be guided by your teacher, Frédéric Daimoi who accompanies you with patience in your piano lessons. We offer a unique pedagogy and learning cycle, linear, designed by a classical pianist, professional teacher. Our piano lessons are complemented by piano scores and a learning booklet available for free and down-loadable. Piano lessons are in HD format and can be viewed on all media: PC, Mac, tablets, iPADs.

Beginner Adult Piano Lessons
The piano lessons that are part of the program “Beginner ” have been specially designed for beginners with no classical piano experience or for adults who want to take over the piano: More than 700 video sequences have been grouped in 124 Progressive courses covering from 0 to 3 years of piano. This online piano method will guide you through the pieces you go to learn to play through piano and music theory exercises of increasing complexity, carefully designed to be always understandable by the beginner students. These are essentially based on repetition and understanding. They will allow you to learn classical piano in all its subtlety and its musicality.

Program of our Piano lessons
The program of our piano courses is linear, progressive and complete, the explanations are clear and precise, all the exercises and the piano scores are printable. No chapter is lacking to learn the piano: Reading notes, octaves, deciphering the piano, piano music theory, position of the hands, pedals of the piano, pianistic technique, virtuosity, interpretation, nuances… The greatest classical composers are studied: Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Handel, Bach, Schumann, Schubert, Clementi… Every piano course can be reviewed as many times as you need. No live teacher would have this time to devote to you; You can also deadlock on some parts if you wish.