Here at, we have done our best to collect all of the information we could find that can help you educate yourself about what’s available for telecommunications and internet service plans. You’re not the only one with questions about telecommunications, and that’s why we want to share this information with all of our fellow Oregonians:

Plan Guides

  • Our plan guides will help you understand the different types of services and their plans available throughout Oregon.


  • Our glossary provides clear definitions of terms that are frequently used in the communications industry and on this website.

Cell Phone Coverage Consumer Reviews

  • This is a great website that allows you to see what other consumers are saying about the cell phone provider coverage in your city or town. Consumer reviews are an important tool for people when they are considering a provider – make sure to add your comments! This is the best website that we have found that is a not connected to any service provider, allows you to evaluate on a city/town level and allows really honest consumer reviews of wireless coverage.