Guide to Landline Telephone Calling Plans

Landline telephone is one of the most traditional and reliable Telecom services. In many areas of Oregon, you will only have the option of one landline service provider. There are still, however, options to consider when examining the plans that your provider offers.

Where are you calling to?

There are three basic options to consider when looking at landline plans.

  1. Local Calling – This is the simplest landline option, it allows you to make and receive calls within your immediate local area. This may only include the town or neighborhood you are living in.
  2. Extended Area Service – Or EAS, this may or may not be included in your local calling plan. This allows you to call outside of your immediate local area without incurring long distance charges. It is not easy to determine whether a number is a local versus extended area service call, as calls made within the same town may cross local access boundaries. Speak with your service provider if you have questions regarding an area you want to make calls to.
  3. Long Distance – Most landline services will allow you to make a long distance call. However, some companies offer special rates for long distance callers.

Measured or Flat Rate Service?

Landline service is charged by either one of two methods. Measured service is charged by the minute, whereas flat rate service is charged monthly. Most people are familiar with measured service for long distance, but some companies offer this form of rate for local and EAS calling too. Measured Rate is perfect for someone who rarely uses their telephone, as it allows one to only pay for the calls that they make. For those that do even a moderate amount of talking on their phone, however, Flat Rate Service will be their best option.

Do you need long distance?

Please see our Long Distance Plans page for more information.

Digital Phone

Telephone service is now being offered over internet cables in some areas, aside from just over traditional phone lines. An internet connection is required, though a computer may or may not be necessary. While digital phone plans may be less expensive and offer better rates, they use devices that require an electrical outlet, and therefore phone service will become interrupted in the event of a blackout. If you rely on your landline telephone as your sole access to 911 and other emergency services, then digital phone may not be your preferred option. For more information on phones services over the internet, see our VoiP page.