About CUB Connects

The CUB Policy Center is excited to help consumers with the ins and outs of choosing their telecommunication and online services. Our new consumer information project, CUB Connects, puts all of Oregon’s telecommunications providers and plans at your fingertips. We have collected information about the telecom and internet options available throughout the state, and developed a search tool to help Oregonians identify the best options for them.


CUB Connects’ mission is to provide Oregon consumers with the information and tools they need to select the right telecommunication services for themselves and their families.


Traditionally, CUB’s work has been focused on consumer advocacy and utility policy debates. Founded by Oregon voters through a ballot initiative in 1984, CUB has been representing Oregon consumers in various regulatory and policy arenas on a wide variety of energy and utility topics throughout its 26-year history. To find out more about what CUB has been up to recently, please visit our website at www.oregoncub.org.

CUB Connects operates under the CUB Policy Center, CUB’s education and policy development branch. Under the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, most telecommunications and online services are not regulated services like traditional utilities. Therefore, consumers must make their own decisions between pricing and services available in the marketplace. CUB Connects aims to educate consumers by helping them sort through service providers and available plans to choose telecommunications services which fulfill their needs. The project was acknowledged by the Oregon PUC in June 2010.

We have collected detailed information about the various telephone and internet plans available in Oregon in order to make this information accessible and easily comparable for Oregon consumers. The hope is that our efforts will aid Oregonians in choosing the plan that is right for them. We believe that the Cub Connects website will allow consumers to feel confident about their options, and in the end reduce the number of consumers who are unhappy with their service plans or overwhelmed by the numerous options available to them.