Priority One: Baker City Bronze Bundle

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Provider: Priority One


Customer Service: 877-975-5600


Sub Type: Phone, Internet

Monthly Charge: $49.95


Local phone service

Measured Rate: Not Applicable

In-State Calling: Information Not Available

Long Distance Included: 0

Long Distance Rate: 8.5 cents/minute

NAC: $6.50

Choice of 0 calling features

Internet service

Download Speed: 2.0 Mbps

Upload Speed: 256.0 kbps

Usage Per Period: Unlimited

Overage Charge: Not Applicable

RWA Fee: Included

TV Cost: Not Applicable

TV Description: Not Applicable

Includes: Not Applicable

Minimum Contract: 0

Deactivation Time: Information Not Available

Early Termination Fee: 100

Equipment: DSL Modem and router

Additional Equipment:

Promotions: Discount available for 12-month subscriptions

Notes: *Includes Network Access Charge: $6.50


Estimated Taxes and Surcharges: $

Installation Fee: Included

Equipment Fee: Included

Activation Line Fee: Not Applicable

Last updated May 14th, 2013